"Coffee is a powerful drug. But making it is  even more  addictive" -Coffee Girl

"Coffee is a powerful drug. But making it is even more addictive" -Coffee Girl


This project began as a bunch of barista gossip scribbled in a notebook, written on smoke breaks and in-between shifts at one of those big corporate coffee chains in downtown Toronto, for Barista-Eyes-Only. Hidden in the backroom safe, this secret barista diary was eventually shared between co-workers, other cafés, passed on to customers, and then grew into a blog. Now, it's morphed into a full-length novel... COMING SOON!

Clara Ellasdóttir may seem like just your average barista, trying to survive big-city life on scraps. But don't be fooled by the black apron and blouse covered in coffee stains. After a childhood in the Westfjords of Iceland, she's transplanted to a big Canadian city- skipping classes to do coffee runs, and smoking cigarettes in alleyways with celebrities. She's learning that the secret to getting what you want out of life- while keeping everyone else's dirty secrets- comes down to making the perfect drink. From behind the counter, to the red carpet, Clara and her coffee girlfriends share their wild stories, romances and, of course, gossip, good to the last drop. This isn't your average Cinderella story- it's all real life.