Coffee Girl's Thoughts on #Metoo and how the Service Industry #Needs2Change Now for #UsToo!

While celebrities are exposing the toxic working environment in Hollywood, the #MeToo cannot forget about #UsToo- the female service industry women on the frontlines, slogging away on minimum wage and facing never-reported harassment as we have no unions or services to support us. Let 2018 be the year the service standards change to protect our female bartenders, baristas, and waitresses struggling silence.

Drink like a Celebrity!

Drink like a Celebrity!

It’s amazing what kind of access you can get to the rich n’ famous when you are an anonymous coffee girl, like myself. And just like the rest of us, celebrities get thirsty...but they likely need more caffeine than the rest of us. Unfortunately, even a busy line, a clever nickname and disguise just can't fool us baristas!

The Most Memorable Christmas Moments...and Why I am more of a Scrooge than a Santa!

My non-service industry friends think my borderline-Scrooge outlook on the holiday season is just downright depressing. It's not that I hate's just that I do not in any way relate to the merry, smug happiness that I see replayed every year in festive movies, extra cheery advertisements, and the colourful invitations of parties I cannot attend. While you are getting ready to celebrate, I just got a few more shifts that need to be covered.

My Experience with Jian Ghomeshi and How I Turned a Negative Experience into My Very Own Book

I exhaled the illusion of toxic smoke from my lungs. I jumped, peering over my shoulder, as though someone was creeping up on me. Startling myself, I pulled out my phone, turning it over and over in my hands, not thinking anymore…

I texted Jian.

Soy Much Joy

Chances are if you drink soy, you don’t really need soy (or almond, rice, cashew, etc, etc) milk. Or at least not in a biological, I’m-super-allergic-to-dairy sense. Psychologically, paranoidly-speaking sense then, yes, you do need it. Not only do you crave soy, your daily fancy, custom-made, self-designed, Barista-made-for-your-convenience-drink, and lifestyle demand it.