Drink like a Celebrity!

 We all wish to catch a glimpse of how the other half really live...

We all wish to catch a glimpse of how the other half really live...

It’s amazing what kind of access you can get to the rich n’ famous when you are an anonymous coffee girl, like myself. And just like the rest of us, celebrities get thirsty...but likely need more caffeine than the rest of us. Unfortunately, even a busy line, a clever nickname and disguise just can't fool us baristas!

Here is the drink menu of the various stars that I and my coffee girlfriends have had the privilege of making over the years:

Queen Latifah- double short soy latte, she came into the store on her way back to her Yorkville hotel after a job around the neighbourhood

Neve Campbell- grande Nonfat latte, she stopped in between screenings of her TIFF film

Justin Bieber- White mocha with extra whip, even amidst the chaos and crowds of teenage girls, we saw him with his sunglasses, sneakers and famous Beebs' attitude

Conan O’Brien- Eggnog latte, I did not recognize him until well our long conversation when I asked him if he wanted to come 'round back to the alleyway for some rum to spike his drink (like we baristas do on breaks). It was then that he laughed and asked him he always offered his customers alcohol to which I replied, "only the special ones". He left us $100 US tip.

Chicago Bulls- extra large hot chocolate with extra, extra whip. Yup, the entire team piled into our little store. I went through 9 bags of milk just to get through their order.

Nicole Kidman- Non-fat wet cappuccino, The classiest customer I have ever served! Still melting from her sweet smile. 

Mary-Kate (or Ashley) Olson- extra-large skinny vanilla latte. 

Miley Cyrus- non-fat no-whip white mocha

John Travolta- Americano, black. What a doll! He even stayed and signed all our cups as a keepsake!

Jim Treliving (Dragons Den/Boston Pizza guy)- skinny vanilla latte x2. He was our regular in Yorkville- came in twice a day whenever he was in town and left big tips...hoping to kickoff our post-coffee businesses I s'pose.

Chef David Rocco- doppio espresso. Another regular. He gets by on 6-8 shots of espresso a day...

Renee Zellweger- Pumpkin spice latte. Even in the summer and winter, she will always check to see if Pumpkin is on the menu. Adorably sweet!

Cheryl Crowe- Non-fat latte and a blueberry muffin. Once again, I didn't recognize her until we were in mid-conversation. She had such a beautiful southern speaking voice, that I actually told her she should be a country singer. She winked and said that she made a wise career choice then. I wanted to slap myself in the face! I blushed as she gave me a big tip in the jar.

You never know who you will meet,  so the next time you go out for coffee, maybe don't forget your autograph book!

Until next time,
Coffee Girl