Frequently Asked Questions

(Or as baristas say "Annoyingly Repetitive Customer Nagging")

+ Why is the whole book not available right now?

Be patient! She's coming! This is just called...BUILDING THE SUSPENCE!!!

+ E-Reading hurts my eyes, will there EVER be a physical copy I can buy?

May 2018 the physical copies will be available for purchase! Yes, finally. I can't believe it any more than you can!

+ I entered the promocode for a FREE download, but why is it asking me for my credit card?! Don't take my money!

As long as you've entered your name, email and address, you can submit without entering your sacred credit card information. You will still get a file as promised. And your information is safe, promise!

+ I am having trouble downloading the E-Book files. They aren't working for me?

Argh. Computers are irritating at the best of times! If you're unable to open/read the .epub files, please visit the Contact page and I'll send you a PDF file.

+ When will the next part of the book become available?

May 1st, 2018 is when you can enjoy...THE WHOLE BOOK!!!

+ Do I have to pay for Coffee Girl downloads?

Nope! It will remain free, just keep your eyes open for promocodes so you don't think I'm ripping you off! If you want to pay for it, I won't say no. I even have an online tip jar!

+ Why did you choose to self-publish?

It was not an easy choice to make. Basically, the publishing contracts I was getting did not have my best interests at heart and I felt I could do much of the work myself...whilst keeping the rights to my hard work! As a young, female, minimum-wage-earning service worker, it was very tempting to sign a basic contract with a fancy publishing house. Now I live in Iqaluit and have learned to pull up my seal-skin boots and be self-reliant and do things my OWN WAY! And you should too! Girl Power!

+ Is Coffee Girl a real person?

All characters and places in my book are very loosely based on my experiences as a barista and bartender in Toronto. It is entirely a work of fiction and imaginartion. Any resembles to real life people or events in purely coincidental.

+ What is the secret to making good coffee?

Easy: freshly ground coffee (you can even roast your own green beans on the stove), cold, filtered water and a French Press. Use 2 tablespoons for every cup. Let the water sit a few moments after boiling before adding it to you the grinds. Wait 4 more minutes andd then plunge away. Serve in your favourite mug with real creme. YUM!!!

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